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  • People were complaining about rugby being enabled on some maps (face_capture, mach2, mainly maps where one flag was in clear line of site of other maps, or almost cleaer line of site). But they like those maps, just not with rugby. I personally am a fan of face capture, mach2, and the others, just not a big fan of 1 person standing on each flag spawn, and player at enemy flagspawn continuously shooting his teammate to pass and immediately score, then repeat. So I came up with an idea.

    I don't know if possible, but I was thinking if there was a server votemap command, then an optional parameter could be 1 or 0. 1=with rugby (#vote instactf mach2 1) adds 1 to votes for mach2 with rugby, 0=without rugby (#vote instactf mach2 0) adds 1 to votes for map without rugby, and if none are given (#vote instactf mach2) would add 1 to votes for mach2 with rugby AND add 1 to votes for mach2 without rugby. This way the votes for the map increases, but you don't care if rugby or no rugby.

    Note, you could have 0, 1, and another number (2? -1? 666? any number you want) and no parameters just adds 1 to map with rugby, which is default.

    Note2, I don't know how server mods work, so I don't know if possible to toggle which game rules or mods or whatever you are using. Maybe some kind of change the path that the mode rules are located at? I don't know.

  • What if people think it is rugby mode and accedentally kill teamates because of it?

  • well one might be able to make the whole rugby mode reminder ("Remember its RUGBY mode...) into a variable so pseudocode would look like
    tried to do in pastaland textbox, kept getting rid of spaces so I put in pastebin. However, pseudocode without spaces is below.

    whenMapLoad {
    if rugbyOn = true
    rugbyRemind = "Remember it is RUGBY mode. shoot teammates with flag to pass...";
    rugbyRemind = "Rugby Mode is OFF! Repeat, Rugby Mode is OFF!";


    if msgToBeSaidOnServerChat = rugby reminder
    sayToServer (rugbyRemind)

  • This is going to overcomplicate things. I don't want to make Pastaland the jack of all trades to make everyone happy. Pastaland has rugby, has jokes, has midmatch statistics and a few other features. There are about 98 other servers out there with different features to make all kinds of players happy.

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  • @GustavoLapasta Ok. I honestly don't hate the maps that much, just suggesting a possible solution to other people's complaints.

  • Masters

    please no

    face cap is horribly bad and should be removed forever and even mentioning it should be banned, rugby makes it at least sometimes bearable

    and as @CraftedPixel said there would be many tks, ppl just dont read that text

  • People obviously dont have the intention in changing anything and that is completely fine as it is their server.
    You dont like rugby? Join another server and play there. Nobody else is there? Get some friends and bring them along. There is no moderation? Grow some balls, join discord/irc and ask kindly for some gauth to observe the game. Seriously, try to think at least once before opening such topics...

  • ahhhhh finally @sweepers's episode is over and he's back to being ma boy again! welcum back!

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


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    If you dont like passing flag, you have option-2:

    1. Dont cach the flags.
    2. Cach the flag and dont pass it. Jump and run with it.
    3. If someone pass it to you, use R to drop the flag
    4. Listen @Sweepers advice

  • If you ask me...? Rugby sure encourages a more solid defense, especially on face-fapture. If your opponent is rugby passing the flag and constantly scoring, that's probably saying something about your team's value and/or understanding of defense.

    Unless your team is being destroyed in the first place.

    Edit: Pardon my intrusion.



  • Everyone gather round, gather round. I have something to say. Everybody listening real good? Good. I HAVE NO FUCKING PROBLEM WITH RUGBY MODE. I LOVE PASSING AND RECEIVING THE FLAG (although there might be a bit more of a notification to the person who catches the flag. Too many times do you pass and the catcher runs into reds without knowing he has the flag) I AM MERELY PASSING ON NOTICE OF A CONVERSATION THAT OCCURRED DURING A GAME. IF PEOPLE ARE PASS SCORE PASS SCORING, THEN THE GAME IS OVER QUICK AND ANOTHER MAP IS CHOSEN. @Sweeper I like rugby. You like to argue? Join a relevant forum. Nobody there? Ask @DipShitStar here to argue with you. He certainly is good at being annoying and argumentative. Seriously, try to read the whole post before posting such irrelevant replies...

  • Hmm I think that it is time to close this topic. All relevant people gave their statements already, and our 10yo friend here wont get that he had lost the discussion before he even started it.

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  • @M16 Yes. We need a brighter notice that the flag is captured. sometimes I kill my companions, who caught the flag and stand stupidly on the spot.

  • @julia make it.

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


  • Hmm how do I put this in a family friendly way... If a player does not notice that he has got the flag and additionally does not check the radar from time to time in order to get information, he should just uninstall the game. I have nothing against newbies. I have nothing against people that are bad at the game for whatever reason, but I have problems with people who are unable to observe their environment and make simple decisions on that basis. I am seriously worried about certain players that I have met on pastaland. Are they deaf, blind, mentally retarded? How do they settle their real life, if they are even unable to do simple stuff in a videogame? How do they cross the street or buy bread in a bakery? Do they forget to drink water if nobody reminds them to do it? God forbid if they got a drivers license shudder

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  • @Shag vamos dela playa

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


  • Pastaland is a Rugby server, hence why it is a fun place to be. Teamwork is the key to winning the game. When players start to play individually, then have bad defense and bad offense. I mean, if someone can stand at your flag and pass it to his base several times and score points, then you have a defense problem i.e. bad teamwork. I love Pastaland the way it is, if we 'change this and then change that' we would eventually end up with just another regular server :slight_frown:
    People have sooooooo many choices when it comes to servers, they can even have their own fun by having a bot match. I say we keep things interesting and keep Pastaland as the server for rugby and pasta lovers.

  • Well said. Yum!

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