Suggestions for changes to existing features

  • As the title says, post the changes you'd like to be made to existing features on this thread.
    For suggesting new features, post on linked thread
    I'll start:

    • Fix map rotation, don't let same maps repeat too often.
    • Remove friendly fire

  • Masters

    • Remove face capture from map rotation

  • Global Moderator

    • Advertise the pastaland discord channel
    • Reduce the auto-spec time (server auto specs too fast, for example when typing a long msg)

  • @negus then add evilness. Facecapture is pretty boring without rugby. There's only 1 path across and it doesn't really matter where your teammates are other than in-between you and the enemy. Rugby makes most people stand still to pass, which can get 2+ frags if you are quick enough. Also given that FC(flag carrier, not face-capture) can only aim for 1 at a time, and enemy are always close enough together, that more than one person will freeze, thinking the FC is aiming at them. If it really came down to it, more people would vote for facecapture than evilness. If not, then we should add evilness.

  • @M16 evilness is the most shitty map of the whole game. nough said

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


  • And face-capture is the best. Don't touch it. DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH IT!

  • @DipShitStar thats my point. Face-capture with rugby is still a lot better than evilness regardless of rugby on it or not. And if everyone felt the way you guys do, then you wouldn't ever play on face-capture. If face capture is played often enough for you to be annoyed about it, then that means most of the time a majority of the people wnt Face-Capture. Taking it out would just circumvent the whole Map Battle voting

  • Hmm I dont understand it... Does anything stop you from spectating for 10 minutes, if you dislike a map? There are plenty of options to spend this short amount of time: lay back and listen to some music, chat with people, have a drink, eat some cookies, fuck your gf/wife, or you know - just join another server.

  • Masters

    @M16 Fine, then remove evilness too, it won't be missed.
    @SerpensSolidus You played too much f-c and became mentally ill and now you claim to like it. You need help.
    I propose removal of face caputre immediatly to prevent such cases in future.

  • @negus f-c - it's an interesting dynamic with a minimum of options and open space. the fastest sperm brings posterity in nature. most dexterous player breaks through to the flag. other players should not lose heart. this game is unthinkable without team interactions. it is valuable.

  • I like evilness. I think part of why Star hates it is because dickSuckicizer made it.

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