Does High Ping affect you at all in server?

  • @bertolt_brecht cheers for the link. it sys that a player with a 20 ping can compete on even terms with a 200 chance lol well not from my end anyway

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    @ lee said : it difficult to play against them as they seem to live long enough after i watch them die to still be able to kill me.
    that's really interesting because from my point of view , this is exactly the contrary. In general i have a ping around 230 and many time the player killed by my shot live long enough to kill me. Can be compared to a spawn kill. Obviously is not the case.
    Another example, when i pass behing a wall to protect me, many time I'm killed while I'm behind the wall due of my high ping.
    I need to shoot lightly in "front of/behind" the player to incorporate his displacement as my vision of the game is delayed. This is really a nightmare for my aim lol

  • @Eric You don't need to shoot slightly in front of / behind the player. In some games, like CSGO or Quake, you would, but not with Sauer. Shoot them, and the server will adjust.

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    @swatllama Shoot them, and the server will adjust.
    What do you means by the server will adjust?

  • @Eric When players watch you, they see you as the server sees you. On your screen, you might hit in the center. On the server's view, your crosshair might be completely off the target, but it will still count as a hit.

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    @swatllama thanks for your explanation

  • Better off getting a Double KO rather than trying to shoot a teleporting Raiden (lagger).



  • Left the server today asked an admin to spec a player named trial whos ping was super unstable 300 - 400+ back to 300+ asked the admin to put him on spec until he got his ping sorted admin done nothing.....come on admins sort it out your quick enough putting me on spec soon as i climb above 100. (which is very rare) why be an admin but refuse to admin when your in game i cant work it out.

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