Another Master Application!

  • @Sweeper Well hopefully players of your skill have honor to match and recognise an unbalance and fix it themselves. But i am talking about the average players here.

    Ne cede malis


  • @Ao1-Pointblank
    You do not understand it. The game is already unbalanced if I am in one of the two teams. Balance in numbers in meaningless. There is no reason to balance the teams.
    A few players less have no impact on the outcome of the game. Balance is just an excuse brought up by noobs to justify bad performances. Good players simply keep playing.

  • @Sweeper We do not consider those rare cases when the gods of the Sauer descend to earth. Very often there is a situation where in one team all the newcomers - in the other all the players of a good level. Yes, I will continue to play against all the strong players regardless of the weakness of my team. But what is the interest of the strong?

  • @julia
    People grow in tough situations. When I started to play, it was common that there were five or six players of my current level on the server. Sometimes they all were in the same team. In such a case there are two options: The first method would be to run away. People will leave the server or start to complain. It is the path of least resistance. Cowardice and lazyness. The second option would be to fight. Your chances of winning are very low, but it is a challenge that forces you to become better. It is a question of mentality. I have never complained, and now I am a good player. The ones that complained back then, are still bad. Without effort, there won't be success. It is a basic rule. I have neither mercy nor pity for them. Man forges his own destiny.

  • @Sweeper It is an honor for me to play against strong players. This is good study. But you did not answer my question: what is the interest of high-level players in the game against Inept players?)

  • Masters

    @Sweeper I guess, because if there was a team full of beginners and a team full of pros the, the only team that is going to benefit from the match are the beginners as they can pick up on new skills from the pros rather than just quieting and waiting for people you're own level to play. How is that going to help as most likely they know just as much as you so there is no progress made.

  • As for the springbok application, for many months I see him playing and I like he
    because he has always been corrected with the other players.

    About balancing ... as saying "Ao1 Pointblank" the number would not be important as
    few players may be worth more than many poor players ...
    But on average, I prefer to change teams, when unbalanced, to balance the score.
    When the score is very similar, all players give the soul a chance to win and the
    game becomes very dynamic. Of course this should not be done more than once during the game otherwise you lose the sense of the game

  • A new thread has been created to discuss the subject of balancing teams, if anyone wishes to participate. Please keep this thread purely for its intended purpose i.e. @Springbok's Master application.
    Thank you.

  • This post is deleted!

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