'eS|Plasma's Application For Master

  • Dear Masters, and the pastaland community,

    Im writing this post to apply for master on Rigatoni Rugby.
    I am currently in 'eS| clan and have been in |SM| (|SM|Ventress) , va| and (ESP).
    Ive started to get active on the server, and i have also got to know mostly all the auth holders. I myself think u do a great job, and you are great people and I want to be a helper in this community. I also want to contribute by giving you suggestions, while im learning lua and i already know alot about cbescript and servers.

    I usually play at 2 or 5 (UTC + 1) and in the holidays especially i can be on sauer up to 4 hours. I am auth holder in all of bengus servers, and eS Servers, and i have been auth holder in dev when i first started to play sauer which was 4 years ago. I also got some additional skills, i can understand peoples way of thinking and i also like to inform them in a understanding way if they wonder about anything.

    In my free time i also play tennis and ride. I applied a year ago but was denied because i wasnt active enough on sauer, but i think im ready, and i also know all the commands and more C++. I also think im trustworthy as i have been admin and master on alot of servers in my past and have changed my personality towards goodness. Servers which dont exsist anymore.. but i have alot of experience. Its true you guys work very hard for this server, and unfortantelty alot of masters have left this game, so i hope i can be a helping hand. I also know norwegian, english, german and abit french and spanish.

    But the reason for me to be auth (if u guys still are unsure about me) is that i want to make it more cleaner than it is, and make new players play rapidly and informing them more about the community. Just think if sauer had 1000 players daily playing, it would be great right? Players come where joy is, and i want to make it more joyful and tasteful with you guys.

    For your information, I have never kicked someone without a reason and i have no intention to do that either. If someone asks to be unbanned i will first look at both sides and discuss it with other masters so we can make an decision togheter. Yes im a sympathetic girl but i know how to see through jer*s, and if some of u guys think that i would like to work on rugbyland more than Rigatoni then you are wrong. If you say, i can remove my auth from his servers if that is a problem. Thank you all!

    I believe rigatoni is the future of sauerbraten
    If you guys have any questions please reply to my post :)
    Yours Sincerly,

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  • Hey Plasma, Ventress,
    nice to see your application. in my eyes you are this crazy (in meaning of funny) norwegian, jumping from clan to clan, with many ideas, much energy and avatars i cannot count anymore. And, i must say, that´s my point. Don´t missunderstand me, you are a friendly person. But, if i take a look at your history, you haven t played on Rigatoni that much . So, show yourself much more on server. Btw. , this is my (and only one) opinion.

  • Well, you probably can't be worse than a-monster or didisan...

  • Hi sorry for the late reply @a-monster, i will certainly try to be more active and the clan change can be seen as clan hopping but i can assure you that i will keep this name, this clan & and this avatar so people like you recognize me, and so u can follow my stats on rigatoni. (I have used alot of nicks there) and I can see the problem with that. I will try to take your advise. I usually play 4-6 games a day & sometimes 2, but if u guys say so :) it wont hurt by playing 10. I can let the mixes wait :smirk:

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  • @swatllama : you are funny like always. Still sick? Wish you all the best.

  • @swatllama get well soon :), you still own everyone in mix though :gun:

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  • Masters

    I agree with a-monster and I have told you in our chat already that you can introduce noobs to the game and be the helping hand you want to be without master.:thumbsup: :hugging:

    Since there are a bunch of votes already I can tell you that you are not gonna get accepted.:scream:

    See you on the battlefield FragGod, Ventress, Plasma, ||V||, ... :sweat_smile:

  • Oh no :(

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