Fake news: a reason to ban someone?

  • ok guy, a little discussion to bring some action. I ve banned this evening sauer_noob from poland. Reason is...mhh, a little special. Some weeks ago a player named masarati told us in game chat, one of the well known players is/was in prison and another player has got some problems for same reasons. Well, fake news. I think this is no joke anymore. And Maserati has told it again and again, faking nick of this player. We´ve banned him from time to time and it has come to an end. But now, sauer_noob, starts to tell this story again. I ve told him in game chat that it was a fake news, but he didn t stop. So i ve banned him too. What do you think? I was right or wrong? I think, to tell fake news like that is a reason to ban someone. It´s no joke to tell such wrong things about someone. Sry for bad english.

  • I do not know enough about the topic, to make a comment in regards to this whole fake news affair.
    However, I do believe that persistent trolls and morons should get a more severe punishment.
    I would recommend some kind of blacklist. Collect the names of these guys and then decide on a reasonable punishment. For example, everybody on this list could be muted on sight.

    In general, I would like to see more precise guidelines on how to deal with "chat abuse".
    When should somebody be muted or banned?
    A nazi is an obvious case, but there are all sorts of freaks out there.
    Are people that write religious bullshit, leftist propaganda, or crude conspiracy theories, better than a nazi troll?
    I do not think so. The fake news are a similar thing.
    What about endless conversations between certain people? I am certain, that this might annoy other people, but often the guys refuse to use the pm command, even if asked to do so.

    Clear rules would help tremendously and take away a lot of the arbitrariness.

  • Let's ban more of our active players.
    If a Sauer player is in prison, please ask how much it would be to bail this man out. Or if he is in a 3rd world country, cause we can break him out of those without international repercussions.

  • I'm well aware of the story a-monster is referring to.
    If you're making shit up and try to convince people, in a very detailed fashion that is, that a person has commited a crime (which didn't happen), this is at least defamatory if not outright libel, and in my mind this has no place on the server.
    Now you could argue that it's just an online game with nicknames and such, but a player's reputation can be ruined through constant silly trolling like this, which is why I say that a ban is appropriate here.

    Other than that, on the topic of chat on the server, I'm pretty laid back:

    Here are my thoughts on the points @Sweeper brought up:

    Are people that write religious bullshit, leftist propaganda, or crude conspiracy theories, better than a nazi troll?
    What about endless conversations between certain people?

    I think there's a blurred line somewhere between the normal range of ideas & opinions and trolling. This means we shouldn't try to draw a red line here, because it would be too difficult to do so.

    Every master can act on their discretion here, although I would prefer it if the Sauer chat is just left the Sauer chat. Just because you have access to #mute but disagree on substance, doesn't mean you should mute. Let em talk. Don't like a spammy console? You can use /ignore <cn> too.
    People write religious bullshit, leftist propaganda, or crude conspiracy theories?
    You're free to disagree with them! Don't want to discuss? /ignore <cn>.
    If the conversation does not turn excessively vulgar, let em talk.

    When should somebody be muted or banned?

    I mute in three cases: Spamming (a full console is not spam in my mind), other people asking for a person to be muted, and yeah, nazi shit/libel/persistent trolling whatever you want to call it.
    Muting should suffice in all cases, and I never ban anyone for speech.
    Repeated, lying offenders like the person described above deserve a kick though. Or two.

  • Question for everyone wanting to ban the nazi shit:
    When I praise other mass murderers, and advocate for other hateful ideologies, why does that not provoke the same reaction?

  • When I praise other mass murderers, and advocate for other hateful ideologies, why does that not provoke the same reaction?

    It does provoke the same reaction in me. There are many violent movements and ideologies, and if you just publicly praise those (or other horrific leaders) on a game server, well I don't know if I could understand that in any other way than trolling.
    But again, that's a blurred line and anyone can take the incentive when he/she deems it necessary.

    Another factor why on some issues there is no proper reaction to trolls might be "unintended" ignorance. Not every master knows every ideology or their figurehead (and therefore, cannot judge appropriately), so it may seem like there is a double standard when in reality there is none.

  • I propose adding a "reason" to #jail command and making it so that any master can check what the reason was for jailing a person and decide whether or not to unjail him/her instead of listening to random trolls giving false reasons for jail/ban etc
    Trolls are part of every community, unless its something serious/too annoying/disruptive for everyone I don't see a need to ban them.
    Don't need more revenge ddosers/cheaters for free

  • Really? People joke/lie/troll in sauer every day. One shouldn't consider shit heard in game as facts anyhow. If you believe in what people say in this game full of trolls then this is a wrong place for you to be.

    When someone abuses chat - you ban him from chat - #mute
    When someone abused the gameplay - you ban him from the gameplay - #kick/#ban

    There is no reason to ban people who talk shit because they are still valuable players for this comatose game (like swat already said).

  • I say don't do anything... just let people know about the /ignore command and leave it up to them.
    Total censorship is never the right solution, even if it is kinda funny.

    Ne cede malis


  • @Ao1-Pointblank Who is talking about "total censorship" ? "Freedom of speech" doesn´t mean you can say everything. If you are a victim of such fake news , how do you resist? You have hardly a chance to fight back. That is why we are talking about rules for all. We have to protect the users here.

  • @a-monster There is a simple pattern: the level of the player and the verbal diarrhea he admits in the chat of the game. It's ridiculous - to educate trolls. But this is a litmus test for ascertaining the dignity of each player. Usually I do not have time to read and write in the chat. But sometimes my calmness is punched by special insolent people. Then I do so that the rest of the players laugh at them. Next time you can come up with the fake news about Maserati if it will bring you moral satisfaction)

  • Arguments that involve the ignore command are very stupid.
    You can not expect ten people to ignore one persistent idiot, who does not want to shut up.
    That's very presumptuous. It is a game, and it should be treated like a game.
    Political or ideological discussions do not belong there. They can be done in forums, discord, irc...
    This does not have something to do with censorship or freedom of speech, but with decency and good manners.
    Things that some of the kids should learn as soon as possible.

  • All masters are aware of the basic code of conduct (rules) with regards to the server.
    But most importantly, players should make themselves familiar with the ' ignore ' command and use it accordingly.
    Players should also consider sending a private message ( #pm ) to the master(s) on the server if they would like action to be taken against another player.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm in favor of muting idiots. Any conversation which actively detracts from the game is better carried out in a different forum. In this respect I largely agree with sweeper: "It is a game, and it should be treated like a game." With the caveat that spectators are largely free to discuss things as long as they do not distract those actually playing too much. I wouldn't typically remove someone from the game just for talking though, given than #mute is an option.

    Also, @swatllama, we all know you have a penchant for unsavory remarks and therefore are more tolerant. Whether we should be or not is a different question.

  • @Fritz_Fokker this does not work in reality. then you see some gay is]Jay murrican join and start abusing master power. give power to fucktards and then they abuse it. it is a junkrat who was begging to get master for a reason.

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