QServ Server Mod

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    We can pass the flag too you know!

    I've been working on QServ for about 7 years but I don't post about it much anywhere. Since Cube 2 hasn't had much activity lately, I figured i'd release a bunch of stuff. So here's another stupid post about my server mod. You might also find some new content of mine on quadropolis. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the mode

    30+ commands, GeoIP city/region & country, IRC Bot with commands, multi-server chat linkage, smartbot (weather/translator/dictionary/calculator), killing spree messages, server stored maps, longshot/close up kills, beststats, pass-the-flag, command builder, reloadable server configuration/authkeys live without restart, banlist, selective unbanning, banning by ip, chat/server log with time, automatically sent maps with lightmaps, lag detection, instagib on automatically sent maps from the server with lights, no teamkill damage toggle, no damage toggle, stored flagrun times, banner messages, no 1 person private mode toggle, greet clients with name toggle, default gamemode/map option, etc.


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