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    I have created a new server called va|Hulk in which a person is randomly selected at the beginning of each match to be the hulk.

    What's so great about the hulk you ask? Well he gets 3000 health (in team modes), 1500 armor, and 100000 ammo. All he has to do is complete the objective (score flagruns/kill others/capture bases/hold the flag) and live for 10 minutes. If the others kill him before 10 minutes is up, he is defeated and another hulk is chosen.

    Please tell me what you think and also come check out the mod in person on the va|Hulk server.

    Also thank you everyone for all the suggestions about the hulk health, ammo, etc.

  • Without having played, keep in mind that 1500 HP + 1200 armour = 2700 damage... in effic, you spawn with 200 damage you can receive.

    That's analogous to saying you have to be killed 13 times in a 10 minute game to lose.

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    Yeah the health and armor still need adjustments to make it easier for the hulk to survive/vice versa. A lot of times the hulk will get around 15 kills and just die. The health pool for non-tearmodes needs to be tweaked more. In fact his overall health should be tweaked more. If he gets more health, it will be more likely for him to survive for 10 minutes. If he gets less health, he won't be as strong because he'll have less damage. It is definitely a changeable number, i'm just waiting to test it more so I can see what is fair for both sides, and also what people suggest.

    And you're right, it's a lot of damage.

  • I feel this would work better in ffa instead of ctf, or maybe in hold mode too

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    I like the idea for hold mode hulk, right now I left it open master so you can pick the mode. Also I changed the health of the hulk significantly after some testing.

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