va|Accuracy Wars

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    A new server mod. This one is rewarding to players with good accuracy.

    Server Name
    va|Accuracy Wars

    How it works
    If anyone gets higher than 50% accuracy, they get +40 health each time someone dies. When their accuracy drops below 50% again, the health boost goes away.

    Fun mode ideas
    efficctf - a flagcarrier that is healthboosted because of high accuracy can sustain for a long time.

    effichold - if you're accurate, you can be an amazing flagholder, you will keep regenerating health.

    effic - snipers now rule efficctf. Any high accuracy player will be rewarded heavily.

    regen capture - the rifle base will be the most demanded base in the whole game, like a capture point.

    collect - collecting the skulls will be easy with a healthboost.

    tactics - since weapons are supplied randomly, the healthboosted people will most likely be random too.

    ffa - this would be the most difficult to get high accuracy on. Rifle pickups rule.

    insta - this mod doesn't work well in insta because the health isn't restored. Avoid this mode.

    Pass the flag
    you can pass the flag in accuracy wars. This allows the game to progress more rapidly.

    If you have ideas for another mod that you'd like to see, please post a reply and I will work on it, seriously. I have been considering linking hulk mode with accuracy wars but I don't know what people want.

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