Master Application

  • Hello People, Red.Tay|Z here
    I have been playing Sauer since 2010, so i know one or two people in the sauer community ;)
    I am particularly active on public servers, which is why i would like to have master privilege in Pastaland.
    Keeping the server cheater-free is in everyones interest, I would like to contribute to that.

    kind regards,

  • It was brought to my attention, that some of you guys have issues trusting me as i have a reputation for trolling with the flag. I'd like to explain myself on that. It's true that trolling was pretty much the only thing i did back in 2014. I kept arguing that it can be also a tactic being ahead in scores to hide the flag, but looking back at it these bans i received were well deserved.
    All i can say is that i've grown up since - quite literally actually - and that i have no intentions to ruin public games again.
    I have started playing actively with clans in 2015/16 and gained some trust there i believe.
    I'd like u to reconsider my application, as I have still interest to contribute to cheater-free games.


  • I have an issue with you cause you're a retard. I didn't know you did flag trolling, and that's the only thing I now like about you.

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