Can anyone explain to me why I got banned?

  • @tuta Oh yeah? Do you ban people for KKK messages? Pro African-slavery messages? Or how about pro-soviet and pro Peoples- Republic of China, hmm?? Mao and Stalin each killed more people than Hitler. You fucking bigoted cunt.

  • @swatllama we can be fanatics. this is our right. but the game is not a platform for utterances and discussion.

  • @julia Then he shouldn't ban the dude for one thing and not the other.

  • @swatllama
    17.11.2017. The Third Committee of the UN General Assembly adopted a Russian resolution on combating the heroism of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other types of discriminatory practices, while rejecting the US amendments to the document. ... The United States and Ukraine voted against the resolution on combating the heroism of Nazism.

  • @julia omfg you are dumb. shame, i thought there was something in you.

    @AenimaNerd lmao, being nazi and wondering why nobody likes you.

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


  • @DipShitStar
    you're right. stomach, bones and heart. there is nothing more in me..
    although I forgot .. I still have teeth)

  • Masters

    @swatllama i see you accuse me. Im not clear for what. Please, explain or fuck of.

  • @tuta I see you are too lazy to scroll up, so I will quote myself for you.

    @swatllama said in Can anyone explain to me why I got banned?:

    @tuta Oh yeah? Do you ban people for KKK messages? Pro African-slavery messages? Or how about pro-soviet and pro Peoples- Republic of China, hmm?? Mao and Stalin each killed more people than Hitler. You fucking bigoted cunt.

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    @swatllama yes, i banned people for KKK messages. Only idiot can ban someone for loving China. USSR does not exist. Still, second part of your message is not clear. Do you have something against me, against master rules, against something i do, or you are nazi?
    People behavior and judgement depends on informations they get.

  • @tuta I'm against inconsistency. I think you love the mass murderers who fit your agenda. Racist bigot.

  • Masters

    @swatllama you are free to open topic for taking away master key from me based on information you have.

  • @swatllama
    Back in the late 1980s.... the materials of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs of 1954 were declassified about the number of convicts for counter-revolutionary and other particularly dangerous state crimes, including banditry and military espionage, in 1921-1953. - 4 060 306 people. Of these, 642,980 were sentenced to death, 765,180 are exiled and deported. Archival materials show this. All other figures are controversial.
    What figures do you operate on?

  • @swatllama I will continue, if you will allow.
    although I recommend not to engage in a stupid polemic.

    In all, about 9 million Soviet soldiers participated in the liberation of 11 European countries. The irrevocable losses of the Red Army during the liberation of the states of Europe amounted to:

    in Poland - 600212 people;
    in Czechoslovakia - 139918 people;
    in Hungary - 140004 people;
    in Germany - 101961 people;
    in Romania - 68993 people;
    in Austria - 26,006 people;
    in Yugoslavia - 7995 people;
    in Norway - 3436 people;
    in Bulgaria - 977 people;
    In total, the irretrievable losses of the Red Army in the "liberation of Europe" amounted to about 1 million people, and total total irretrievable losses in the war with Germany and Japan (killed, missing, captured and returned from captivity, died of wounds, illnesses and unfortunates incidents) of the Armed Forces, together with border guards and internal troops, amounted to 8,668,400 troops.
    today we can talk about the loss of 26 million lives of Soviet people. A significant part of them are civilians who died in the Nazi death camps, as a result of fascist repressions, a brutal occupation regime, from disease and hunger. In general, the losses of our country accounted for 40% of all human losses in the Second World War.

    Do you want to continue this conversation? I think it's a waste of time.

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    Swatllama accusing Russian nation for being victim of comunism. BTW, Marx and Engels where pure racists, antislavic, and there are preserved documents of their nazi ideology. Comunism "revolution" (by propaganda leaded by ordinary people) was foreign tool to stop Russia from getting ahead in leadership in industrial revolution. What can you expect from people who hear things like "Im against Russia" over and over from Hillary Clinton in campain for president of USA, freely in public for national TV.
    Swatllama mixed one more thing: ideology problem. Every movement has their ideology, public and behind the scene. Public can be bad or "good". There is one thing behind all main movements - global banking system of small numbers of families with safe continuity of 1000 years. They own the planet, they are responsible for billions of deaths, politics and goverments all around the world, brainwashed masses, including nazis, racists, religion fannatics, comunists. Happy bitcoining.

  • I prefer erotic literature, but not fantastic)
    specially for you

  • @tuta You contradict yourself. Blaming a bunch of rich people is just another ideology. Humans are violent by nature. We are the only species on this planet that had to invent laws and religions, simply to avoid killing each other. And even that does not work, because these religions and ideologies started to fight each other. Nonetheless, Humans are social animals. We always want to be loved and respected by others. This is how group dynamics work. You can not change the world, because you can not change the human nature. People tend to say that education will solve all problems, but that is not true. Have a look at history. For thousands of years the same things happened. Again and again. The context changed, because there was technical development, but the core scenarios were always the same. These things happened long before your evil banks existed. It is the curse of mankind. There is something that neither ideology nor education can change. Instincts. The nature of mankind stays the same. If you want a change, you better bet on evolution. I hope that you have enough supplies for the wait. It could take a few ten thousand years.

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    @Sweeper who said i blame rich people? Not me. I just pointed in direction of something behind all wars, movements, ideologies, „revolutions“ and genocides - human life is less important than material things. Most of the wars in last 1000 years had ideologies for averages people, credit for leaders for weapons and common goal - robbery of resources and material goods. Last thing is last or non in interpretation of things happened in past.

  • @Sweeper
    AenimaNerd is glad that everyone forgot about him) back to the beginning. how will we react to stupid statements in the game?

  • @julia I tend to punish people depending on how annoying the are. I mean come on. Most of them are children that seek attention. You will have a hard time to find real extremists in the game. If someone writes heil hitler or something like that, I do not care very much about it. If he does it more often, I will probably mute him. This goes for all kinds of ideological things. We are here to play a game. If you want to have a political or ideological discussion, this is simply the wrong place. People can do that in a forum. It is not very difficult. If someone is annoying, you ask them to stop. If they continue, you mute them. Note that annoying in this context means, that it spoils the fun of other people. Do not punish someone, because you do not like what he said. Always try to see the full picture. Your job as a master is to make sure, that the majority of the players has a good time. This is also the reason why I do not like the ignore command. If two people annoy ten other people, then you do not tell ten people to ignore these two, but you mute these two people. It is a matter of proportionality.

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