Can anyone explain to me why I got banned?

  • @tuta You contradict yourself. Blaming a bunch of rich people is just another ideology. Humans are violent by nature. We are the only species on this planet that had to invent laws and religions, simply to avoid killing each other. And even that does not work, because these religions and ideologies started to fight each other. Nonetheless, Humans are social animals. We always want to be loved and respected by others. This is how group dynamics work. You can not change the world, because you can not change the human nature. People tend to say that education will solve all problems, but that is not true. Have a look at history. For thousands of years the same things happened. Again and again. The context changed, because there was technical development, but the core scenarios were always the same. These things happened long before your evil banks existed. It is the curse of mankind. There is something that neither ideology nor education can change. Instincts. The nature of mankind stays the same. If you want a change, you better bet on evolution. I hope that you have enough supplies for the wait. It could take a few ten thousand years.

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    @Sweeper who said i blame rich people? Not me. I just pointed in direction of something behind all wars, movements, ideologies, „revolutions“ and genocides - human life is less important than material things. Most of the wars in last 1000 years had ideologies for averages people, credit for leaders for weapons and common goal - robbery of resources and material goods. Last thing is last or non in interpretation of things happened in past.

  • @Sweeper
    AenimaNerd is glad that everyone forgot about him) back to the beginning. how will we react to stupid statements in the game?

  • @julia I tend to punish people depending on how annoying the are. I mean come on. Most of them are children that seek attention. You will have a hard time to find real extremists in the game. If someone writes heil hitler or something like that, I do not care very much about it. If he does it more often, I will probably mute him. This goes for all kinds of ideological things. We are here to play a game. If you want to have a political or ideological discussion, this is simply the wrong place. People can do that in a forum. It is not very difficult. If someone is annoying, you ask them to stop. If they continue, you mute them. Note that annoying in this context means, that it spoils the fun of other people. Do not punish someone, because you do not like what he said. Always try to see the full picture. Your job as a master is to make sure, that the majority of the players has a good time. This is also the reason why I do not like the ignore command. If two people annoy ten other people, then you do not tell ten people to ignore these two, but you mute these two people. It is a matter of proportionality.

  • @Sweeper
    I agree with you. we do not need to pay attention to stupidity. obtrusiveness
    can be fixed. ideological education of youth is not our task)

  • @tuta Hahah you're a soviet indoctrinated shill, aren't you? Now it all makes sense.

  • @DipShitStar
    you are a wise guy. I recognize this

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    @swatllama it make sense. I think about your persona this: you are probably uneducated hater of something that does not exist - USSR, and you are desperate to make someone part of your hating target. I was fool for ansvering you in first place. I wish i never did. I wasted my time. Closed topic for me.

  • @tuta жму твою руку.

  • @tuta No, I don't mind Stalin. Humans are overpopulated. I just wish he'd gotten your grandpappy when he occupied your shithole of a country. I bet you jack off to daddy putin too, don't you? "Oh yes, fuck me like you fuck that bear!!!"

    My issue is only with your hypocrisy, inconsistency, and irrational bias. Either jerk off to all of them, or be against all.
    (By the way, just like your great patriotic USSR is dissolved, so is nazi germany).

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    @swatllama , my country is not shithole. My country was not part of eastern block. Lies of Austrian agent, leader of comies Tito goes down very soon after war in this event. Double agent, "comy leader" had western support before, during war use google translate to take hes position like "liberator army leader". You cant judge me, you are ignorant.

  • @tuta
    you need to smile and not spoil the mood) you did the right thing. it is most important.

  • This post is deleted!

  • you all suck

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


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    Thank you, this was very educational.

  • same old thing.. someone says something dumb/controversial, gets banned, then comes here to complain. then arguments like this start, and the original problem is completely ignored in favor of pointless infighting.
    i know it can be hard to ignore a personal attack, but let's stay on topic. besides, starting trouble is exactly what the banned person wants. that is the whole point of saying something unnecessary and controversial.

    Ne cede malis


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    In my opinion it's also a little too hard to ban someone right away for that. I would probably

    1. tell to stop. If he/she continue than
    2. mute. If he/she continue after unmute
    3. jail or kick

    I don't wonder if someone is new to sauer and talks a little shit into the shithole of internet and don't know that we have some rules here. My point is that we shouldn't forget that we don't want the community to shrink more and this could discourage new players right away.
    AenimaNerd at least made the effort to come and ask about that. I think most of the ppl would just say: "Ahhh, fuck that, shit game anyway" and never come back.

  • @DON
    I noticed a consistent pattern. players who complain about the ban here, almost no longer appear. they are authors of one record. some players are not interested in even the answer. about the last record: I have my own observation. I do not believe in repentance and consider all provocations are deliberate. nevertheless you formulated the correct procedure.

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    @julia Very well said!

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


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    @julia That's true. The emotions are high in the minute they have been kicked and than they forget about that and don't care. However, I hope that when we give ppl a chance our community and sauer will live longer :) From time to time new ppl join and stay.
    But I also understand tuta for kicking right away and not bothering with politeness as you usually want to play sauer instead of playing the sauer police :dagger:

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