Rugby iCTF tournament? Anybody interested?

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    So most of us enjoy public games and some of us are quite skilled at passing the flag. But there hasn't been a tournament to test which team is the best.
    If the players are interested, we could have a little tournament with this mode, first of it's kind. We would need atleast 4 teams of 3 players each, the more the better.


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    Yea I'm definitely interested.

  • If someone considers me worthy and invites me to the team, I will be glad to give all my strength

  • In general I am happy about any tournament, but I do not think that rugby works in a 3v3 scenario, especially when good players are involved. Given how fast you can score in this mode, games would probably end after 2-3 minutes. You only need to dominate the opponent for a very short time. If you have seen clans play, then you will probably understand what I mean. Usually it takes some time for a team to recover from a bad state. That is simply the time that it needs to regain some control over the map. You can not lose 2 or 3 players and immediately start a counter attack. It does not work like this. However in rugby, you do not have that time. If two players from a team die, the opponents will score 3-4 flags. It is as if you would play a duel for only 1 minute.

  • @Sweeper Yes. 3 participants is not enough to enjoy)

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    @Sweeper is right, I would even suggest just not using maps with direct line of sight between the flags (capture_night, mbt1, facecap, etc.). Rugby is most fun with multiple passes or when a pass is part of a flagrun, and there are many maps where you can do this.
    Also there are some maps which are very unbalanced with rugby (hallo and shipwreck come to mind), so those should be banned too.

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    well if 3 per team is not enough, we could have 4/5 per team. and yes, pick maps that don't have a straight line of sight. I think there is room for some strategy here and it could be fun. Infact, the most fun I've have had in pub games is when some random player tries to work with me for passes and we dominate the enemy.

    But we need more players to show interest, so the powers in sauer also take interest in this. So I created this challonge page:

    Sign up there if you're interested. If more than 10 people sign-up, I'll proceed with what's next.

    PS: I know I don't have good creds here, so don't worry, someone mentally sane will administrate the whole tournament. I'm just here to see if there's enough interest :)

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    Ok, I signed up but you should post this on discord too since nobody reads this forum.

    This challonge site is trash btw., why do I even need to register for something like this (and it wouldn't let me use "negus" but it allows to change it after I already registered... idiotic).

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    @negus yep, posted on discord multiple times now. Yeah challonge is complicated, I could've made a google document or something. But challonge is what I see every other sauer tournament using, so I used it as well.

    TY for signing-up, there is some interest I see. I'm still digging.

  • I'm game. Let's do this. :)

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    Welp I missed that. We should do these more often.

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