Killcore3 & Frostbyte

  • @Obstriegel Hi, is there a possibility of bringing Frostbyte and/or Killcore3 into the rugby rotation? Those would be so much fun for rugby and I do miss those maps. Thanks for listening! @negus told me you'd be the one to ask.

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    I also support this, please bring back these maps. It's what the people want.

  • don't forget about evilness

    Ne cede malis



    it seriously shows how fuckin boon you are if you ask this

    join another server.

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  • We tried in good old Pastaland to reintroduce those maps, with the only result of emptying the server when they came up.
    Please guys try not to forget the past experience.

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    Thanks for the heads-up! killcore3, frostbyte and caribbean have been added. gubo has been removed for now.
    So far people seem to be happy with it. If there is really a problem we can remove them again.

    When I started playing sauer frostbyte was still popular on PSL. It should not hurt that much. killcore looks a bit boring but hiding behind the all same looking "pillars" is fun (if you do not use comed with 200x name size). caribbean has those funny teleports where you can trick people plus it is simply a beauty, lots of the elements there are also in forgotten but forgotten is a bit small and gray compared to this.


  • somewhere fans of a saw sobbed ... gubo was replaced by a caribbean)

  • Carribean... Just when my 1m x 0,5m mousepad arrived. I guess that I have to thank you for this suggestion. We will have a lot of fun together.

  • why did you remove gubo D: it was fun at times :D

  • @Sweeper Caribbean. Yes. This is an excellent shooting range for snipers. I'm waiting for you, Sweeper)

  • Gubo got removed? Time to say farewell to gubo-spiced chainsaw sausage fest, then.



  • @Obstriegel Thanks so much for getting back and on top of that making those changes. So appreciative.

  • but I adore gubo) this is the only map of increased density with compressed space ... such experience is also necessary

  • urban_c plz

  • @DipShitStar Agreed. Add Duomo to that list. It doesn't even work as a region capture map.

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    @gibby Duomo. this map is from the Caribbean series. This map develops team spirit and tactical thinking. I love this map as a shooting range for sniping. my team can safely engage in capturing the flag. my team can be sure that its base is protected. and what can you do on this map?

  • Duomo is not that bad of a map, it's just that there's a small gap for error when it does come down to the offense. Defending your team's base is easy... too easy, maybe.

    The direction of attack is quite limited, because there's only one way you can reach the opposing base (as far as instactf goes), and that's the jumppads that are positioned across the front of the bases.

    Now, rugby does make this map very tolerable to play on, but even then, the map favors snipers.



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    The opposing team can not start an attack simultaneously from different directions. this means that the protection of the base is flawless. if this happens, I admire the opponent)

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