Was banned by Duke

  • Situation I was team killed twice saw attacks in which I was chased and killed by a new player named Rape (have forgotten the rest of his name). I then asked Duke to ban him he did not. Rape then posted "slander" and team killed me with a saw again, I posted that from now on I was going to kill him on sight, though I actually waited until he was attacking me again before shooting him. He continued to attack me and I team killed him twice and he me once, I think I team killed him again when he was attacking me and was then banned. I tried to get back in about a half hour (I'm a terrible judge of time) and I could get back in. Duke had lost his green name, If you took it away from him please restore it. If Duke took it away from himself please ask him to take it back. A mistake like an accidental team kill is not a reason to lose an Admin. I still trust Duke though I was POed that he did not trust me after playing with me for two years.

    PS. How long does a ban last anyway?

    I tried

  • when I did not have the rights of a master, I specifically gave the chance to kill me 5 times. it was the easiest way to get rid of the idiot and allow the team to play. we call it "take fire on yourself")

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    @Xoxoxo Lots of TK's there ... Most likely the Server Auto-kicked you rather than Duke....
    As Julia says deliberate TK'ers are a pain in the butt... just let THEM allow the Server to Auto-kick THEM..... If they are stopping short of the "allowable" TK's ... Then I would PM any available Auth and ask them nicely to have a look..

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


  • That was incomprehensible. Refactor.

  • a kick lasts about 4hrs last i checked, also i highly doubt duke "lost" his admin due to this so yea dont worry i guess?

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    Who is this Duke Pointspack and others are talking about?

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