[Suggestion] Restrict Rugby Passes to Improve Gameplay

  • No, veterans don't return because of rugby. There are no veterans who came from rugby, there are people play badly.

  • @swatllama you do not see the difference between cause and effect. you are a bad strategist) you can put me another minus

  • @swatllama thank you dear. you are an obedient guy)

  • I would prefer no rugby at all, but this sounds like a good compromise. It keeps the team element, but the game breaking aspect is removed. I like the idea.

  • Simply limit the ability to pass the flag for 5 secs after taking it and it'll solve the problem.
    And yeah, this mode isnt my favorite, I like classic e/iCTF but it's ok as long as you can play rugby as a classic iCTF mode.

  • @Sweeper Yes. it's all perfect. but I did not get an answer to the question. why players did not go to other servers without rugby? a game of beads for the elect. excellent. but nothing bothers you?

  • People play on rugby because the server has stats, forum and a good enough administration. No abusive kicks, no bad language. It's not because it's rugby for sure.

  • @julia, I believe you overestimate rugby's perfectness. it's the server, not the mode that attracts people. at least most of them.

  • People go to commonly known servers. People used to go to DEMO despite what a shitshow it was, because the name was known.
    (And why did people originally go to rugby? Because it seemed cool at first, and then it turned out it wasn't.)

    Skillz warned us of this years ago.

  • но я не вижу вас троих часто на сервере) мой интерес - обеспечить команде проход к флагам и благоприятное возвращение. поэтому я переживаю о других игроках, которые обладали иллюзией возможности. мне понравился комментарий miu. возможен ли компромисс для смягчения переходного периода?

  • "Put Rugby into the next trash can and burn the can?" Problem solved.

  • @julia
    Ну, лично я просто крайне редко играю на публичных серверах, меня раздражает большое количество игроков. Но когда играю, это в 99% случаев будет rigatoni. Конечно же, дело не в режиме. И да, я не считаю, что его не нужно как-либо видоизменять или вообще ликвидировать - его просто нужно совсем немного усложнить, чтобы некоторые умники больше не могли злоупотребить его возможностями.

    We can't remove the mode, people are already used to play it. I still like my idea about giving 5s timeout before allowing to pass the flag (also applies to people who received the flag after a pass). Also it's easy to implement.

  • Rugby was an idea to make the gameplay more interesting. What happened, was the opposite. Good flagruns were no longer important. Some maps like fc5, capture night or wdcd were completely broken. We also saw a strong effect on asymmetric maps. Suddenly most of them became incredibly unbalanced. So what did we get?

    • lazy players
    • an overall decrease in skill
    • broken maps
    • too fast, very unbalanced games
    • wins that are too easy and thus
      meaningless and not rewarding

    Did I miss something?
    I can only mention again that I like the new idea, because it will most likely fix most of these issues.

  • Masters

    I hate football for that stupid off-side rules. Why to hell you can not pass the ball behind last enema player? Wait, it is not last player, you have goal keeper, guy that use hands instead of foots.

  • i am in total disagree with this new rule, try to make a survey on the game to see what others think.

  • Hi there,

    I applaud trying different things out, tweaking the rules to benefit gameplay, etc. I also take the points made above, particularly where maps have flag bases are facing each other resulting in 10-0 (in extreme cases).

    However, I find the current change feels awkward, jarring, and detrimental to the enjoyment of the game.

    To avoid the problem of players passing the flag to a team member sat next to their flag: Why not disallow passes to players that are within a certain distance from their own flag base? Forward passes would still be allowed, but someone would have to make the final run to cap the flag.

    Just a thought.

    Kind regards,


  • @Stinkybob said in [Suggestion] Restrict Rugby Passes to Improve Gameplay:

    Why not disallow passes to players that are within a certain distance from their own flag base?

    Well, this scenario works in normal situations when e.g. on forge someone stays near the flag and waits to receive the enemy flag to score. Even a 5 meter pass can be helpful in such situations. That's why I suggested adding a timeout during which players can't pass flags. Even 3-5 secs help because no one can stay for this long on the enemy base of capture_night without being killed 3 times :D

  • @miu one player told me: now there is no sense in jumping over the roofs. the meaning of his words - some tactical actions disappear. personally my task has become simpler too. I do not need to watch the passing and receiving players at the same time. The difficulty arises only for the flagship. Yes. the game should develop, but you need to look for a balance of development. which method will strengthen teamwork and preserve the wealth of the techniques used?

  • I suggested this to create a middleground between scoring easy flags from the top position multiple times and no passing at all.

    The hard truth is that the concepts of Rugby and CTF are fundamentally different, and any attempt to combine them will break parts of the mechanics of either of them. You can either turn full Fusilli and switch the flags and allow passes to simulate actual Rugby, or you have plain instactf without any passes.

    What I suggested is basically normal ictf with the option to swap flags with your fellow teammates. I agree that it now is more difficult to move the flag across the map, because you actually have to run again yourself.
    I see that many people on the server disagree with this stance and would like back the original Rugby, because they have gotten used to it over the years, and there's nothing wrong with that. In the end it comes down to laying open your personal preference, which is what this thread is for.

  • Russians call the middleground version "it's neither fish and neither meat"

    1. Remove the rugby mode at all and rename the server. 2. complicate the rugby mode, but retain the old principle
      guys .. you have to make a choice)

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