[Rigatoni] Master key usage / deleting keys

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    here is a sorted list of people who use their key and how often.
    The list is for 2018 only. And I thought you might be interested in it.

    I am going through the list now and try to get those people in the forum.
    Many of them are never here I think and this is one of the problems why to the outside the behavior of masters looks highly inconsistent.

    In the intern forum I started a thread about it too and when certain people do not check back within the next weeks their keys will be removed.

    1687 [RUSS]julia
    719 a-monster
    430 Shag
    340 Duke
    323 Didisan
    267 Cubelibre
    215 Zver
    184 Hamon
    165 Eric
    160 Tuta
    136 a_theory
    125 Renard
    125 Epimeteo
    100 Don
    95 Obstriegel
    85 Springbok
    83 Nix
    62 Owl
    57 Terence
    55 Perussola
    52 Shield
    51 Cs4
    50 Benz
    45 iMort-
    45 Shikijo
    40 altcineva
    39 Sweeper
    35 jay
    31 ZahariaHome
    31 4tune
    29 sa5m
    28 Sahadar
    23 Tamin0
    20 C_Classic
    18 vague
    18 Brecht
    15 HydrogenBurning
    11 la_haine
    11 GustavoLapasta
    3 Bourbon
    1 Narwhaal
    1 Fritz

  • a-monster comes more often)

  • give me a key.

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  • How interesting! @Obstriegel, can you also collect stats of the kinds of auth uses a master had and how many times (e.g. spectating, kicking, banning, etc.)?

  • @miu Yes. I also want to know how many times I wrote "ping pls" for the year)

  • Bourbon three times ?

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    @miu in response to your last request... what is this?! A democracy?! No... this is sauer!

    Haha jk if that's what the people want I'm all for it.

  • @Øwl
    she asked the right question - what is the coefficient of efficiency of each master.

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    Nice list, but it only says how often the one has "claimed". Some players claim every time they come to the server. The list can not really reflect the activity of a master. Or is it now mandatory to claim each time?

  • @Nix I do not hide my name ... Nix... why do masters play incognito?)

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    It's interesting what triggers such a list. Let us remember what the original question was. If it becomes a duty to always play only with auth name, well then Bye Key. Easy. If this is about nameprotection, then I'll keep my fingers crossed, I've seen some servers with name protection over the years, today you will not find any more on the masterserver.

  • @Nix the answer is obvious. You turn on the key once every 4 days.

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    :key: :key2:

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    @Nix You are perfectly right with what you say. There is no rule to claim master or something like that.
    I only use this list as it is from 2018 to look at which master accounts are active at all. The numbers do not matter.

    and @miu and others:

    I would love to post more stats on what masters do and who and when and how often. But this all is really difficult.

    You must interpret this data correctly.

    julia being on top does not mean she is the best master on the server, it just means she is the most active player, always claiming master when she joins the server.

    This is why I did not post more of this data. It has to be put into relation.
    Someone who takes master 1 time and kicks is maybe the most active kicking master (100%).
    Someone who is there 200 times and kicking 20 times is eh kicking 10% of the time he/she has master.

    And those numbers mean nothing as you can't tell how often it is really necessary to kick someone or evem claim. Maybe everyone is behaving well. And there is no rule that you have to use your key everytime you join the server.

    So making statistics from this is mostly meaningless about how effective or "well" a master does his/her job.

  • @Obstriegel, can you extract from the server logs data about kicks (if you have the logs)? seeing stats about who kicks and how many times also would be interesting to know

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    Good points there. ^^

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    @julia We are not playing incognito. We are just not claiming master automatically. I always play as Springbok, but only when necessary, do I claim master.

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