Don't know why, but I'm banned from Rigatoni Rugby :(

  • So yeah, I've been playing this game since the beginning, and although that doesn't necessarily mean I wouldn't cheat, I love this game, so I've never cheated, plus I don't need to. If anyone ever thought I cheated I always invited them to spectate me and see for themselves I'm not that good anyway.
    Edit: just noticed I was banned not only from Rigatoni, but also Ramen Rugby and Spirit of Pasta.

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    Were you actually banned by someone during gameplay (if yes, who?) or is it possible that you got an IP address which lies in a banned IP range?

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    @Waterpoof have you tried more servers besides those you mentioned? What do you see when you try to connect?

    The only way you can get banned from multiple servers is a global ban which is done by eihrul. Please contact me on Discord or drop me a message here with your IP.

  • @Obstriegel when I try to connect any of the servers I mentioned (there are no problems with the other servers) the following text appears:

    You cannot join because you are in a ban list:
    ASkidban (Your IP appears to be a proxy, see For complaints and whitelisting requests:, expiration: permanent
    Use your (g)auth to join.
    You can also talk on about your sins or complain on discord (Chat / Community link) on

    My IP:

  • @negus No. It happened while I was offline. It could be what you mention, but I'm not sure (I don't know about these kind of things).

  • @Waterpoof did you read the @xd story?

  • @Waterpoof Some proxies are banned, so try not using a vpn and it might work. Also we need your external IP, try and tell what it says. You can do it in private message @Obstriegel if you want to.
    You can also just google "whats my IP" and it should show it to you

  • @Shikijo IP:
    Also, I looked it up in another web that gives even more information, and I saw this: Proxy: No Proxy or Invisible Proxy Used

  • @julia After you told me I read it, and I understood how it started and kept going on, but didn't get the end (I don't speak german). From what I've seen there are quite a lot (?) irresponsible masters that basically do whatever they want and rude/offensive players such as XD (though I already knew about this). Apart from that I don't know what there is to see (some of my irrelevant thought about it I will omit).

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    @Waterpoof What happened is that you got an IP address from your provider which used to be used as a VPN, proxy or similar (since it says you're on the ASkidban list). So it is not you who were banned, you just happened to get an address in a banned IP range. IP addresses are usually assigned dynamically, rebooting your router to get a different one which is not banned may or may not work. I think only the server admin can resolve this by removing your range from the ban list.

  • @negus Ok, thank you very much!

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    Hi @Waterpoof,

    I will send you a key in private later to get around ASKidban. Sadly the guy who made it (pisto) does not maintain it anymore.


  • @Obstriegel Great! Thanks for everything :D

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