New SauerBraten maps.

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    There is an updated version of mappack for sauerbraten. Those maps are for CTF modes and have been made by editors from the community. Some of them exist for a long time but some people made new maps and there is this updated version. The link is: .

    It could be nice if you guys try to follow the video (for windows) and install those maps and give us a feedback about the process. Also if you want to try them and enjoy something new keep an eye for mix games. we are always welcome new players and you might have a change to play them.

  • Are these maps going to be available on the insta-ctf server?

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    At the moment not. Unofortunately you can play them on mix type of games. There is an unconfirm rumor about haveing new sauerbraten release, if that happen i know that new maps will be included.

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