"BlackGuy" renamed for racist reasons by Tuta

  • @tuta said in "BlackGuy" renamed for racist reasons by Tuta:

    i renamed "blackguy" to "arabguy" according to server report of country where "blackguy" live.

    So I can't be black because I don't live in Africa? Dude, climb from under your rock. Maybe you should rename yourself to "Drunkard" because you're from Serbia so you must be an alcoholic. /irony
    Why is it so hard for you to accept that black people exist and use the same server as you?

    @tuta said in "BlackGuy" renamed for racist reasons by Tuta:

    What is wrong any way, where is damage done and to who? Fuck you someguy, go out and choke pigeons (or something).

    Nothing was wrong before you decided you couldn't live with me being black, abusing your auth powers to "correct" my identity. Once again, no one was complaining about my name, it was all you. Also choke pigeons, Wtf is that supposed to mean?

    @julia said in "BlackGuy" renamed for racist reasons by Tuta:

    @tuta . there is so much mess in the world ... why do we project it into the game? guys, if you really love this game .... do not carry insanity to the server. just try to play beautifully

    Agreed. That's what I was trying to do before some asshole started messing with my name over some bullshit unwritten rule he couldn't even interpret correctly. "BlackGuy" is objectively no more insulting then "BlondeGirl".

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    have you played before on this server? A player with this name has 1 game. this is the shortest name change in history. you set a record :trophy: if you changed the name, then for what purpose? If you're new, try to think about what can be done to improve. if you are an experienced player - no need to arrange provocations.

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    @SomeGuy Well, I was there and I explained the situation to you which was obvious: Tuta held that he is allowed (or she) to change your name if your name is racist. I do not say that it was racist, but obviously the situation was that Tuta thought it was intended racially. As an admin that's within the admin's discretion. So that is... I didn't find "blackguy" racist, so I didn't do anything, Tuta DID find it racist, and so did something.

    Further tuta eventually stopped renaming you and let you be black guy.

    I don't find "blackguy" racist automatically, but it also could be, I don't know what you said or Tuta's judgement on that and I don'tr really feel that's important to me. For one thing, explaining that "it's" not racist means nothing. Either YOU mean it that way or not, that would be the discussion, you avoided that.

    For example... do you think that it is valid to be able to rename racist handles in the first place?

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    @tuta I didn't see anything wrong with your reaction... insofar as arabguy had an objection, he had the right to make it, did so, and basically was allowed to leave his name ambiguously racist.

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    @SomeGuy But I asked you if you were black. Right? the way to the bottom of this, since I don't find "black" an insult like "nigger", but it can be meant however, is to ask you if it was racist... what do you mean by it. If that's too invasive or creepy to want to know, well, I guess you don't know REAL racists are a problem. They are. And I find it hard to believe you are black and don't know that, really?

    However, I also believe, maybe you are black and you just don't get it, OR, you of course get it but were pissed your name of "blackguy" was ch anged when you just found that a good game handle.

    Summary: just talk about if it was r acist, not on if you can be proved racist, or etc.

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    @SomeGuy Sadly only I can read the logs. But I am not doing it anymore because this is just a big kindergarten party here.

    I did not know that tuta is from Serbia. So he is from the same country as Partizan. I hate Partizan too. All they do in Serbia is drinking alcohol, cooking meth and injecting everything they can find.

    I can back this with scientific studies too:
    http://www.emcdda.europa.eu/attachements.cfm/att_239816_EN_Biljana Kilibarda - Drug use in Serbia.pdf

    Now I wanted to find some more info the Serbians are also racist and homophobic. Then I was shocked to find out the Prime Minister of Serbia is gay.

    In June 2017, Ana Brnabić became the Prime Minister of Serbia, as the first woman and first openly gay person to hold the office, and the second female LGBT head of government overall (after Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir of Iceland). She was also the first Serbian Prime Minister to attend a pride parade.


    That is not really nice for my line of argument :(

    Whatever. I think it is wrong what @tuta did there.
    In any case those names are not really bad but for example when I name myself "Indian" and then teamkill people or play otherwise intentionally bad so people say "kick the indian!" then it is harmful again.
    Why can't you think about something harmless like FunnyGuy or LasagnaGuy or PastaMolester?

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    спасибо за краткий ликбез :)

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    My 2c...

    If a master thought it better to rename, then I do not need to discuss it. This is a game and the decision was made. Live with it. If you now start to insult the master, I feel then it warrants a ban. If we try to second guess every decision, then no decision will be made and that will be worst for all of us.

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    @Springbok sure a decision of a master should be respected. But renaming to ArabGuy because he connects from a country where you assume that all people are arabs? wtf?

    Seriously this is not the way to go.

    If your parents did not teach you manners or you can't live up to them you should step away from being a master.

  • I'm sorry but you can't be black here, that would be extremely racist and unnecessarily offensive.

  • @SerpensSolidus that was hilarious.
    @SomeGuy I feel your pain. This game has way too many politics in it. The Overlords love playing god, and anyone who does not bow down to their every wish gets kicked or made an example out of. I agree with this mindset. The shear idea that the "Rules" are protected so the sheep cannot view them and see them proves this thought.
    Just as we are held responsible for the unknown rules that we break, the Masters should also be held accountable if this were a fair system. It has been agreed that @Tuta acted unjustly, or at the very least overreacted. In a fair world he would be held accountable for his actions… Fat chance of that happening, so don’t hold your breath.
    Your best bet going forward is to live a life of secrecy. Every time your new identity is exposed, change your name again like I do. That way the Overlords that are out to get you cannot treat you unfairly because I promise you they will. All the sheep need to walk in one direction. They cannot handle anything else.
    You have my sympathies.

    SuckMyCock, Cowboy, Mafia, ShoelessJoe, etc.

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    @Cowboy "Тварь я дрожащая или право имею". Ф. Достоевский. 1866 г.

  • @julia Только потому, что мы не знаем, что правила не означают, что мы забыли разницу между правильным и неправильным.

  • @Cowboy First: who are you ?

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    @a-monster This is the player who took the name of the player of my clan and told that he was a cheater.

  • @a-monster Has it already crossed people's minds I may be BlackMan and started a second account on here as @SomeGuy and am just messing with the corruption I see in this game?

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    @Cowboy not.you did not forget. you understand this very well. but you consciously choose the way of opposition. Most of the players come with the goal of the game. but some characters come to arrange fuss and provocations. you can not calm down .. most of the energy and attention of the master is spent so that you do not interfere with others to play. go away.

  • @julia In not so many words, "Be silent. Go with the Sheep. Keep your head down. Let us alone deal with this issue, so that the person speaking out for his justice (BlackGuy) can be dealt with only by us, and he doesn't even get a fair chance."

    Yeah, that seams fair...

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    @Cowboy everything is much simpler. I do not respect you for your actions. I do not see you as a worthy interlocutor. excuse me. that's my right.

  • Furthermore, you babies are worried about this type of stuff instead of that which actually hurts the integrity of the game! About a week ago, I was playing with a guy who has a script written where his saw is showing at all times except when he shoots, then it switches to his rifle and back. When this skin is a pistol or something, I view it as cool. But when it is a saw it gives him an advantage because people think he is just running around with a saw and they play him differently. He deceives opponents, and it gives him an advantage. I argued and argued with him on the game, and no one backed me up so I dropped it. The “master” that was on at the time even agreed with my viewpoint, but didn’t say anything or take any action… Glad we are worried about the biggest issues in the game…. Names. It is a joke. A disgrace.

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