[Rigatoni update] Bigger ban-hammer

  • Masters

    Hello Peons!

    the masters' (also called Overlords) kick-ban-hammer is now 42 times as big as before.
    That means masters can ban you now for up to 7 days instead of just 4 hours.
    The reason for this is simple: We have no money for judges or attorneys or other people who review a decision. Also some people come back frequently to annoy players.

    I hope you little peons feel as good about this decision as the Overlords do, because justice will strike and prevail more than ever before!

    Happy Fraggin!


  • Masters

    Time to kick them ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Obstriegel One question: NOOOO, it´s not "how does it work", NOOOO. "Masters" also called "Overlords" , ok, and Admins ? OverOverlord ? Lordmaster of the Overlords? BlackOverLord ?

  • @a-monster one question ... should i bow according to the new etiquette in front of you? :)

  • @julia does that mean you have not done that yet? :open_mouth:

  • Masters

    @a-monster Uhh I expected someone would ask this.

    Well, lord is already pretty high. I mean in English you already say "the lord" for god. So what is lorder than Lord?

    I really like Lordmaster. Lorder than OverLord. I also like Chief and Controller.
    Lordmasterchiefcontroller or Lordermasterchiefcontroller.
    Officer also good.

    Lordermasterchiefcontrollerofficer in charge. Idk, is officer too much?

    Also I think all peons.. eh I mean players.. should now be named "Bratlinge" (you know dumplings, that are dumplings flattened and fried in a pan). And since we are generous majestic dignity they shall tell us how they want to call us.

    Bratlinge! Speak up!

    alt text

  • Galactic emperor. Eater of suns, father of the gzieher and saint of the nwuu. Builder of the 16 pillars.

  • @Sweeper Protector of the Sauerworld maybe ? But, builder of th sixteen pillars is a really great alternative !

  • @julia said in [Rigatoni update] Bigger ban-hammer:

    @a-monster one question ... should i bow according to the new etiquette in front of you? :)

    Did I allow you to bow in front of anybody else? Such a disobedient woman...

  • @Sweeper Forgive me, master

  • Masters

    @julia LMFAO!

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


  • @Shag
    You should thank her for bringing me back.

  • Masters

    @Sweeper I already did!

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


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