• Masters

    Hello everybody,

    I have some more excited news for this weekend. There is another tournament this sunday. After the huge effic success of the last weekend and the success of the ffa tournament for newbies we have a normal ffa tournament. The hype for this mode has been increased recently. To be honest i totally understand that. I am one of those newbies who started to play ffa recently and even though i get rekt i really enjoy it.
    The reasons are:

    • It strategical. I love mind games

    • It might be confusing at the start but i enjoy it because of the challenge.

    Personally i am planning to give it a go. I missed the last ffa tournament and i really don't want to miss this one. So if nothing else happen in the main time i will participate on this one. I hope we gonna see more new players so i might a change to enjoy it a bit more :smile: . Also this time a 20€ steam card will be raffled between all players. This time everyone has equally changes to win and hopefully Notas will steam the raffle too. See you this Sunday then bb


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