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    It would be nice if the server automatically balances the game by moving players on the bottom of the list to the other team.

    Yea it is not their fault that the other team ragequits but they could also frag a bit more to not get switched.

    What are your thoughts about this? @benzomatic do you want to implement it?

    Kind Regards and Merry Christmas,

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    I like this idea! It would be nice if you didn’t suicide by the forced balance tho. Also, let’s say you were carrying the flag... would the forced balance make you drop it? Just a few of my concerns!

  • @benzomatic wants to implement it, because he was not happy when I switched him without his consent)

  • It's a very much needed feature. I'm sure whoever will implement it will take care of all the little things that might come to mind, like don't switch a player who's carrying the flag or who has already scored or whatever.

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    it would be nice. i think its fair.
    but another question? lag protection is still on? back in the day when i had bad connection and my ping was fluctuating i was put on spec imediately. Now i think that no matter the ping..the player does not get autospectate. The first problem that needs to be adressed is the lag.I dont even remember when riga didnt have this crazy ping jump that makes it unplayable moste of the times.Add to that some crazy pings of some players and you find yourself watching some dude scoring because he cant be fragged.

  • This is a good offer if it is doable. sometimes it is tedious to check what all the players at the bottom of the list are doing so that you can safely switch them to another team...and then you see "it's outrageous!" :)

  • The idea is great but sometimes there is no reason to balance unbalanced teams when the team with the smaller amount of players is still winning the map because its players have better skills. If the idea gets a life, this aspect should be taken into account.

  • @julia FAKE NEWS! I'm honored to be switched by you.. if you do it while i'm dead :smile:

    @miu brought up a good point! Sometimes the player balance isn't really important, because in order to have an even game, skill balance is the deciding factor. In other words, you could easily automate switching bottom players to change the game from 10-16 to 13-13, but that wont matter if the other team is simply much better.
    All it would do is attack the symptom of the problem which is players complaining about an unbalanced player count, while it probably wouldn't solve anything.

    NoobLounge had an acceptable way to deal with the "root cause"; it implemented an advanced points system to determine the stronger and weaker players and shuffle teams in the beginning, or when there was significant skill unbalance. That would be a project of larger dimension and require some time.
    Lastly, not to be too much of a party pooper here, but i just have to point out that (unlimited) rugby mode contributed by far the most to situations where an only slightly better team utterly dominates certain maps, as it just eases your control and scoring requires less effort but.. we had this discussion :sweat_smile:
    This caveat might not be a bad thing for some, but if rugby mode is beloved, its impact on unbalanced games is definitely a side effect to be considered.

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    The goal is only to stop the crying so people might focus a bit more instead of spamming the chat.
    10 players on one side and 16 on the other does not look good to anyone.
    13-13 makes losing feel more comfortable.

  • probably true

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    Also I joined a game two days ago where it was 10 vs 5. I was the 5th player.
    Game score was only 1-0 so far on the map garden. There this modification could help already.

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