Kicked by a narcissist

  • Yes you are right Crowd. I'm very evil and I've chat way to much all these years. I'm glad somebody sane finally stood up and protected the players from all the chatty harm i did to them and you included. So you did the right thing. I'm no longer part of this community anymore. Have fun!

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    @a-monster , you might want to avoid losing your time with this.
    Here are 2 reference threads, from 2 years ago, enjoy:

    thread 1
    thread 2

    Don't feed the troll.

  • Great, Altceniva who was teached a lesson by banning me all the time when i was not playing for that long. Great to see a narcissist like you still being in contact with some other narcissist admins supporting eachother. How sweet. I feel love in the air atm. X You need a hug?

  • What is tunnelvision syndrom?

  • Julia, you tell me. ;) I smell a narcissist from a mile away...they weakness, their fake being so good at looking good to the outside world playing the victim. :) When you had a girlfriend like that it's not hard to tell. I dont see all people are narcissists...i can tell the difference as i've helped lots of people from leaving their relationship with this brainless saddsistic aliens. They are not human.

  • I was worried. I asked myself a question. Why did the trolls disappear on the forum? but I was wrong. holy place is never empty.

  • @BlurP4U I'm a troll because im just telling all what happend and leave the game. Would a troll ever leave? :) I think you dont understand what a troll is?

  • Let me explain to you what a troll is if you still dont understand Julia. A troll loves to bann people and make them hate you. Voiceoftruth is a pure troll that has been here for ages and has been respected by narcissist admins for a long time. :) Hell, im sure he still is not banned for calling people losers etc. Please reinvent the word Troll? It's getting a bit funny now.

  • you look like a man who demands love. suicide or love. you can leave silently like a real man.

  • Yes, I leave and let others talk bad behind my back. Who cares anyways right? :) I get your point Julia. To many dumb people reading this will believe narcs as they are so good at making you look like some ass that is out to cause problems. :) With this being said i can leave silently and you can talk behind my back again. Not you ofc Julia. You are an angel. hihi Nah, for real, i quit this game. No offence. I dont like it when a game is controlled by crybaby's who can't stand jokes about narcissists and start to tell everybody that im always chatting to much etc while this is a pure lie. I have some periods where i talk a bit more sure. It happens because there are people around that react to messages. It's funny. But you run out of luck when some narc admin shows up. He will turn 'SOMETIMES CHATTING A LOT' into 'ALWAYS CHATTING A LOT' as the moment when i chat too much is just way to good to abuse. That being have fun and i dont mind lots of other bullshit being told about me. :) That's just narc blabla.

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    julia is very funny today :slight_smile:

  • Altcineva, you dont understand humor. And there is no such thing as saddistical humor. :) Don't pretend.

  • Anyways, bb narcissist crybaby's. :) You can talk behind my back now. :D Like any of the players is reading it...NOT. This is just a place where narcissists can have fun. DON'T FEED THE TROLLS! And you are. BB. ;)

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    I’m sorry to hear that BlurP
    Yeah your messages get annoying from time to time, but I think this should have been a learning opportunity for players to use the /ignore (cn) command instead of a kick by an admin. Everyone should be allowed to speak their mind in an online game,(except racism, bashing, words that are offensive, etc) If you are offended or annoyed, there is always the ignore command. Sorry to see another player gone for a very stupid reason, take care.

  • Don't be sorry, :) I'm happy to leave as your friends are right. I'm a totall ass that will keep on helping victims of narcissist abuse on lots of forums spreading the word. :) This game is ment for lovely peacefull people like voiceoftruth who only say wonderfull things to other people. Let's keep it at that ok? Have fun Morty and you also take care. :)

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    A fat primadonna fakes exiting the stage, with fake tears in the eyes, hoping someone will call her back... for the n-th time.
    Not even the kids in the audience believe it.

  • @altcineva thx, i can remember now

  • @Morty First, he was muted the first times. Second: /ignore cn is not the solution. You still can read reactions of other players. And, i don´t want to feed this troll.

  • I highly disagree with the Mute function. A lot of people play this game for the conversation. If you don't like what someone is saying, use the ignore function. to mute the person is to take your opinion that what they are saying is worthless, and impose that opinion on all of the other players without explanation. Been there a couple times where im having a convo with someone, and suddenly because of a third party I cant continue said convo. Not even in direct message form.

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