SauerDuels #25 This Sudnay !!!

  • Masters

    Hello everybody,

    This sunday our beloved duel tournament is back. After the huge success of the insta duels, this time is the effic turn. Effic mode is one of those modes with fast pacing and fast weapon switch. There are several reasons why you might want to give it a go:

    • New mode. As the majority of this game prefers insta, you might want to give a try of a new mode. Who knows you might find something interesting.

    • Get better, if you have played effic before or even not it's a really good chance to practise it an try to get better

    • It's alway fun to play the game you like

    Personally if nothing change until then i will definitely give it a go. Even though my expectations are not high, it's always fun to watch notas stream and watch pro players and try to learn from them

    Bellow is the link with the announcement where you can register yourself also.

    See ya on sunday :smile:

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