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    Hello @aupc unfortunatelly we the application got rejected. That being said you could try in the future. At the moment we have many masters. We appriciate your concern. Thank you

  • @aupc said in Apply to master:

    Hi Julia, i fly on an Airbus A320 of Wizzair, i applied for work in Aeroflot months ago becouse my girl is russian from moscow and i want reach her, before i was a military pilot, i flew on Mb339CD and Eurofighter Typhoon 2000 of italian air force.
    I hope i was exaustive...
    for this, some time that ive seen you, i told you instead of hello, priviet :PPPP
    Hope i will succed to enter in this team guys!

    and how he plays sauer... convincing.

    "It was Back Door Sluts # 9." (The Return of the Fellowship of the ring to the Two Towers)


  • what do you want to tell us dear? a person can accumulate gaming skills. but even a transplant will not make evil heart to good

  • @julia Hi,
    I usually play in the 3 days a week that i have free after flying.
    My turnation work like this, every two days of work i've 3 free.
    And even when i'm in hotel in other country i use to play from laptop with hotel wifi like i told to julia :) other questions? :)))

  • "what do you want to tell us dear? a person can accumulate gaming skills. but even a transplant will not make evil heart to good"

    What you want to tell with this phrase julia, i not understood :)

  • @aupc I am glad that there are funny players in the game .. Star is wise, but a little cynical) life is too short for grumbling...

  • @julia unless you become vegan and do yoga, then its not too short and you can grumble all you want

  • @skjo sorry. my climate is killing vegans.) we have to eat a lot of meat because of the cold

  • @julia you speak like a fortune teller :PPPP

  • Yes. i'm prophetical Cassandra :)

  • @julia We can no longer be friends :cry:

  • @skjo exactly. I have never tried seal meat)

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    @julia Noice!!!.... You must Google the Canadian Seal Kill... The big brave Gents.... go out with Baseball Bats and bash BABY Seals to death..... The Babies have the nice white Fur....... Bash... Kill... Walk on... there follows a Team of collectors that can easily see where the SKINS are by the BRIGHT RED BLOOD stains on the ICE..... Lovely people and that's the same as "Fishing"?????

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


  • @Shag I know it. I do not comment anything. however, I wonder ... Shikijo puts the Baseball Bats in the boot and writes about vegans or vice versa.I see that the lack of meat causes him aggressiveness .. this is a strange reaction

  • @julia you need to keep your distance from shag or no one can save you :neutral_face:

    ALSO, on topic: this guy (aupc) accused me of cheating because "56% accuracy", even though I only had 15 frags.
    If there is vote going on for him I vote no, we don't need another shag
    Edit: I just saw his application got rejected msg, so nvm

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    @skjo don't be harsh. not every master start with the exprerience it needs to do the job. I do believe people get better by experience.

  • @skjo Are you threatening me? btw .. what is the distance between Thailand and Russia? :)

  • @julia your google translate doesnt work the way it should, no i'm not threatening you and im not going to explain. i dont care, w/e

  • we got another troll :)

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    Julia is cheating:) 200 meatless days per year in every ortodox home of Russia before "revolution" did not make Russians freese :)

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