INSTA TOURNAMENT!!! - 17TH of February.

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    Hello Everybody,

    I am really excited for those news related to this tournament. Finally we are going to have an insta CTF tournament. The tournament is planned for 17th of February. Insta ctf is one of the most popular modes of this game. One look at rigatoni rugby server and it will prove that.
    There are many reasons to participate in this tournament.

    1. We have an insta tournament after a long time.

    2. Try to improve yourself and the teamwork.

    3. Try something new.

    4. To have fun fun fun.

    Personally even though i have started to prefer effic more than insta i am looking forward to get back to the old good insta mode. I hope we will see some customs teams to compete on this one.

    You can register your team using the following link.

    See you around folks :smiley: .

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    I like that idea, but I don't have a team. Maybe someone wants to team-up with or I can join a 2 person team? Than please write me a pm, in-game on sauer or on discord. Of course I will only play with ppl I know :p

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    @DON I like that you show interest. if i were you i would ask also players you know on rigatoni or sauercom on discord.

  • I have never done a tournament, nor am I positive on my availability yet. (What time to what time does the tournament run?) but DON if you need another player, I will try to be there for you.

  • it will be fun

    The legendary Shaggy Rodgers.


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    Oh and just so you know, I have asked a few players and there's one opinion about tournaments that keep holding off people to join. I heard it a few times that the usual tournament players are just too good and they will loose immediately without chances. And I guess they are right (I will loose as well, but I'm just doing it for fun). Even much better players than me sayed that.

    Maybe someday a tournament for beginners only? Just to interest more people and get new tournament players?

  • Tournaments are not about those whom you defeat. They are about the ones you fight alongside. If an INSTA tourney is being held then I am more than game. I love me some EFFIC do not get me wrong, but my skill set requires every mode be fully acknowledged.


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    well i was like the average player. i played sauer for the first time in 2011 and most of the time i was playing public only. sometime duels with a specific player. I joined only 1 clan. So basically a typical sauer player. I was always thought that i will never be able to compete with all of those monsters, but i joined a clan and i started playing cw and mixes games. At the beggining it was rough. i am still far away for being a pro player but my skills have been improved since i was an average player. i am enjoying more the game and the tournaments. YES you are going to lose and YES there are monsters out there but it's not only about having a chance to win the tournament. it's about improving, playing with your mates and having fun in general. it doesn't matter if you lose, next time try better. Nothing will come without practise.

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    @Don well done participating in the tournament. i hope you enjoyed your first experience with it.

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    @bertolt_brecht Yes it was a lot of fun and a nice experience! Hope there will be more insta ctf tournaments :) Also the effic ctf tournament yesterday was nice!

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