Sauer Duels FFA #26 - Tomorrow

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    Hello guys, tomorrow there is another tournament for our lovely game. This time it's a FFA duel tournament. I am excited to see another tournament this weekend. It seems the competitive scene is going well. FFA for those who does not know what it is, is the mode where you have to pick weapons and frag your enemy. It's a very strategical game and for those who love mind games i am definetely recommend it.
    Here is a guide from notas about ffa. Other reasons to participate are:

    • Learn a new mode

    • Enjoy the thrill of duels

    • And most important having fun

    Personally even tough i am an amateur i will give it a go. I want to learn new modes and try to improve myself. Anyway hope i will see you around. Happy fragging :smile:

    ps link for announcemnt.

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