Sauer INSTA DUELS on 17th of March

  • Masters

    Hello friends, I am excited to announce our next sauer tournament. This time is insta and honestly i am excited. Insta is the more popular mode accross sauer for year. Most people think that they gonna lose and there is no point to play in the tournament BUT lately more and more players are interested to get improved. So, the chance to play with someone on your level is equal high. At the end of the day there are other reasons to play:

    • Duels are fun.
    • You like the competitive side of sauer
    • Test your limits
    • Have fun.

    Personally even tough i would like to improve my effic skills i am gonna give it a go. I would like to keep my insta skills fresh because that would help in other modes too. Here is the link for the announcement. You can follow the link to sign up or ask Frosty on discord. Anyway, have fun and :boom: :boom: :gun: !

    See ya.

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