Just substract 30 is BACK (FFA tournament)

  • Masters

    Hello friends, i am excited to announce a new tournament for this weekend. It's the just substract 30 ffa tournament. For those who don't know, in this tournament the big names are forbidden. I am sure you will find more info in that link.

    Lately the interest for FFA mode has been increased and honestly i am one of those noobs who start playing. A lot of people afraid to play it because they think that they will get rekt so badly and there is no point to play it. THAT is just a wrong way of thinking. It is always about practise. This tournament is desing to help with that problem. If the majority are noobs like me then the competitiion is higher. The skill gap is closer which will lead to more interesting games and you will have a chance to practise it.

    Personally i probably be there if nothing more important appears. It was a huge success last time for this tournament and i can't wait to see it again.

    Anyway that's it guys happy fragging :)

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