Introducing: Rabbit Rugby!

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    Hello everyone!

    In the last weeks we were working hard on improving the Rigatoni Rugby experience for you.
    Today we proudly announce the arrival of the latest upgrade to Rigatoni Rugby, which has been carefully crafted in our hidden underground labs: Rabbit Rugby!

    From now on, you will be able to find CARROT POWERUPS on the maps and by eating them you will be able to jump higher! Like Bugs Bunny!

    • Visit a carrot to eat it!
    • Your super-powers are enabled automatically
    • Works on almost every map! Find the carrots!
    • The effect depletes after some time so make sure to eat more carrots all the time!

    bugs bunny wikipedia

    As always we hope you have a good time and enjoy playing with Pasta in mind!

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    Rugbit or rabby? That is the question...

  • The hiding places for the carrots are very hard to find. So far I have only found one carrot. But you could not eat the carrot.

  • @a-monster they are everywhere) we will see who has the strongest teeth :)

  • Shhh... be vwery vwery qwiet. I'm huntin' wabbits. Wrapid jwumpin' fwickin' wabbits.

    ...Gawd dangit!



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    That's a cool mode and nice change.

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    Sauerbraten dish of the day ;-)

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