FFA 1 vs 1 coming soon!

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    Hello fellow pasta lovers :spaghetti: Next weekend we will have our next tournament. The mode this time will be FFA. This mode is one of my favorites. You might have to invest a bit of time at the beginning ( like any other game) but it will rewards you with plenty of fun ans thrills.
    There are many reasons to play

    • Try something new than insta

    • If you like strategic games then this is your mode

    • More players, more chances to play with someone on your level

    • Have fun playing your favorite game

    Personally i am planning to be there and i can't wait. Here is the link to the announcement.

    Thats' it guys, i will see you around. peace :dove:

  • Masters

    Hello everyone. there is a change to the next ffa tournament. it's at 6TH of october.

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