[ANNOUNCE] Pastaland server for Tesseract

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    @Shag That's not a dumb question. You can download the latest nightly build and run it (no need to install it): it's going to use the settings of the old Tesseract installation in your home directory. In my experience, you should receive a few warnings during Tesseract startup because of newly introduced settings or old unrecognized settings, but everything should work nevertheless.
    Best case scenario: wipe the old one and get the latest nightly. To see the new servers you must use the nightly build because the communication protocol has changed a few months ago.

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    Perfect! Thanks. I will give it a shot! Pun intended!

    Noli nothis permittere te terere


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    you can also use dozoom

    /bind "f' [dozoom]

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    @M0UL Thanks ! Will try it out.

  • This post is deleted!


  • @bengu1 < quad facepalm >

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    Awesome, I gotta check it out. Was working on making my own cross compatible game from the engine with vehicles and a lot more stuff. I think it's an amazing engine.

  • I can't find the Tesseract server anymore :slight_frown: , is it still running?

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    Should be there now

  • Thanks :)

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