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  • Hello im bioweapon ,Pascal. I'd like to get riga auth because lately i see some aim/triggerbot users on riga. My last encounter was yesterday and i had to message Plata so he get kicked(i can provide a screenshoot if needed). I play active for 4-5 month and im daily playing riga for some public fun. If you got some questions feel free to ask me. i'm avaible on Discord and ofc in Cube.
    Sincerely bioweapon

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  • @bioweapon Hey. tell me, am i a triggerbot user?
    I remember your reaction "wtf... 100%"
    how do you recognize the triggerbot users? this is my second question.

  • nah i just said wtf bc i got like spawntrapped 10 times in a row :D
    Did you saw my posts in #Sauercom? i gave one example of a triggerbot user i encountered. I already messaged Obstriegel about him.

  • you do not give an answer to my question) do you only look at statistics?
    I can assume that the map from your message is one of the open space maps like capture_night or snapper_rocks + half of the players are noobs. so what?

  • By the way, the statistics show that you prefer other servers. that's not bad. you have 2 games in Riga per day (average for 2 months of playing with this name). do you want to increase the time of your presence in Riga? do you want to protect other players from triggeredbots or yourself?
    btw I am delighted. 110 frags after 4-5 months..this dynamics is very good for the player)

  • @julia yes it was capture_night. Well if someone is kinda fishy i watch on sauertracker. but the guy i was talking about even admit he was using "shooting help". And if someone drops like over 70 kills with 90+ acc it gets a bit suspicous in my opinion since not even plata or other great players are that good.
    Also yes i play other servers too for duels or mixxes sometimes.I started playing Riga daily for like 2 weeks now and its fun.Riga is a good place to train rifle aim thats why me and some other DM's are playing there. I just want to make a fair and fun rounds for everyone (i often switch for balance but most times its to late already). And if you watched the finalscore (on sauercom discord) you can see i personally wasnt effected that bad about the guy with the triggerbot since i still outfragged him.

  • I like your answer. but situations are different. i hope Plata ll help you see and understand more
    what ll benzomatic say about bioweapon?

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