[CubeScript] How to make your client automatically ignoring undesired people

  • Are you tired to always /ignore the same people? Can't hold this anymore? You want to kick everyone?

    Don't panic: with this simple script working on any client, everything will be done automatically and you'll finally enjoy internet again!

    Original idea by @Rosine

    How to install:

    1. Create a new file next to your autoexec.cfg called auto_ignore.cfg

    2. Copy-Paste this into it:

    ignored = [] // Reset at start
    blacklist = [ //manage here the players you want to ignore
           unnamed idiot1 idiot2 idiot3
    auto_ignore = [
        looplist player $blacklist [
            if (&& (= ( indexof $ignored $player) -1) (!= (getclientnum $player) -1))  [ // if the player is connected and hasn't already been ignored
            ignore $player
            ignored = ( concat $ignored $player ) // doesn't need to be ignored again
    	looplist player $ignored [
    		if (= (getclientnum $player) -1) [ // if an ignored player left...
    			ignored = (listdel $ignored (concatword "[" $player "]")) //... remove him from the list of ignored player
    gamehud = [ //assume you don't have anything in your gamehud, else adjust in consequence
        if (isconnected) [
            if (!=s $lastip $connectedip) [ //will reset the ignored list each time you connect to a new server
                   ignored = [] 
                    lastip = $connectedip
    1. Modify the blacklist with the names of your targets

    2. Open your autoexec.cfg and add exec auto_ignore.cfg at the end

    3. Enjoy silence

  • Witchcraft! Burn him!

  • I also can't recommend you putting anything into your autoexec.cfg files.

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